I'm a diner

Please call the restaurant and ask 'em where your food is. Sometimes delivery drivers get bogged down by bad weather, traffic, or a burst of orders during peak hours. You can also chat with our customer service reps to check the status of an order.

Sometimes. Please call the restaurant right away and ask. If they've already started your order, an update might not be possible.

Please call the restaurant directly if there is an issue with the preparation or delivery of your food. You can also chat with our customer service reps and they will straighten everything out.

Restaurants may print their own receipts that don't include the discounts you get with Zuppler coupons. If you used a coupon and want to verify your payment total, please compare the charge listed in your confirmation email with your credit card statement.

You will only see a charge from Zuppler on your credit card statement if an authorized user of your credit card placed an order on or one of the websites that we power for our restaruant partners. If you would like more information on the details of the transaction, please shoot us an email.

We understand why you might feel unsettled, but don't worry. It usually takes your financial institution approximately 2-5 business days to process refunds, so please be patient. If you would like an update on your refund, please shoot us an email.

Sign in and go to your account page by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the website. Then you'll see all the coupons on your account, when they expire, and how many more points you need to get more coupons. Account Page

Security is a top priority at Zuppler. We do not store your credit card information on our website. We are PCI compliant and use BrainTree to process cards.

I'm a restaurant

No problem. Call us on (01) 254 3480. This line is manned by human beings 24 hours a day who are happy to help you in any way.

I'm sure we can help. Call us on (01) 254 3480or send an email to

This is probably best handled over the phone. Call us on (01) 254 3480